A Vital Link in Healthcare

Our reach is far. We operate nine distribution centres and 22 branches across Canada. Our experience is vast. From manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers to front doors across Canada, we are the go-to trusted experts in providing specialized transportation and logistics solutions to the healthcare sector. We also provide specialized healthcare transportation solutions across the United States. Our insights are instrumental. By seeing what others don’t, we provide efficiencies, successfully navigating the complexities of the healthcare sector. It’s no wonder the largest healthcare manufacturers and distributors in North America rely on us to get their products where they need to go. That’s integrity, delivered.

Andlauer Healthcare Group (AND)

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Fri, May 24th 2024
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Our Strengths

Leading provider of healthcare supply chain services

Technology supporting a comprehensive service platform

Coast-to-coast, closed-loop network supported by specialized infrastructure

Partner of choice for leading companies in the healthcare industry

Platform of Companies


Canada’s leading third-party service provider delivering logistics solutions to the healthcare industry.

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Nova Pack

Your one-stop partner for healthcare co-packing, display assembly and secondary packaging solutions.

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ATS Healthcare

Canada’s largest temperature-controlled transportation provider for the healthcare industry.

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Same-day delivery of prescription pharmaceuticals from pharmacy to home.

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A reusable solution for the delivery of temperature-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical materials.

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Skelton Truck Lines

Providing cold chain expertise in transporting healthcare products across Canada and the U.S.

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Boyle Transportation

Secure, temperature-controlled transport solutions for the healthcare sector in the U.S.

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Logistics Support Unit

Third-party logistics services for the healthcare sector in Canada.

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