Integrity Delivered

Each time a patient takes their medication, they’re putting their faith in hundreds of people. Not just the doctors and pharmacists who treat and support them, but also in the researchers, manufacturers, truck drivers and warehouse operators behind each medication. They trust that everyone in the supply chain is as committed to their safety and well-being as they are.

For more than 30 years , we have stood behind our clients, earning their trust. And we’ll continue to earn it by ensuring safe, compliant and secure healthcare product delivery. Because we understand when so many people trust you, you have to deliver.

Our Mission:

To be a trusted partner in the safe and efficient movement of healthcare products from development to patients.

How We Deliver Excellence

National Presence and Reach

Operating in nine distribution centres and 23 branches across Canada enhances our linehaul efficiencies and allows direct delivery to our clients’ destinations.

We also offer specialized healthcare transportation solutions across the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

Superior System Visibility

Providing internal and external visibility throughout our supply chain activities means our clients know exactly what’s happening to a product along its journey, and they can see the safety precautions taken and rest assured they are in compliance.

Exceptional Security

We employ the best security practices to prevent theft, keep our people safe and our clients’ data confidential. Facility reinforcement, access control, monitoring and system alerts are some of the ways we maintain the highest standard of security.

Proactive Quality Assurance

Recognizing the ever-changing governing demands on the healthcare sector, we take a proactive approach to stay on top of regulatory protocols, provide GMP-compliant environments and real-time reporting.

Temperature-controlled Solution Expertise

We store, transport and, most importantly, monitor and manage the temperature conditions of thousands of healthcare products. Our trained experts ensure compliance and continuous exacting temperature control.

Our Values


We are open, honest and respectful to our colleagues, stakeholders, partners and clients. Trust is at the core of everything we do to ensure the safety of our customers and products.


Not just a provider. We take control of situations with confidence as a partner. We own our successes and our setbacks. We do everything in our power to help our clients put their customers first.


We only win when we work together. With our team-first thinking and open dialogues, we break down barriers, sharing resources, knowledge and expertise.


We are all empowered to make calculated decisions to ensure our clients are taken care of. Empowerment is the fuel that helps us share, learn and improve.